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Arab Index and its link are one of the First Support Trade Establishment plans, which serve as an index that covers state and private firms at the Arab word First Support Trade Establishment represents the Index in terms of agreements and legal procedures. The First Support internet web site is as follows:

First time browsers are requested to study deliberately the privacy policy and service conditions of Arab Index before filling out the designated subscription form. These documents are subject to the good faith that exercised by the internet users.

Arab Index allows you to browse through this site, which contains information and applications pursuant to terms and conditions that stated in privacy policy and service conditions. Once you browse through this site you are implicitly deemed as endorsing these terms and conditions whether you study them or not. Whenever necessary, Arab Index reserves rights of changing these terms and conditions in accordance with its exclusive concession. Following your advertisement at Arab Index site these changes become immediately effective.

Terms and Conditions

This page contains agreement provision pertinent to the mutual service condition between you and Arab Index. Resorting to the services provided by this site, means you're acknowledging and approving the entire terms and conditions provided herein, and that you're studying deliberately, accepting and approving service conditions before utilizing any service that provided by Arab index site. Your disapproval to all terms and conditions allows you to abstain from browsing the site.

1- Each new service pertaining to Arab Index will be subject to the effective service conditions, unless otherwise is expressly stipulated by Arab Index.

2- Following your full registration at Arab Index you will be committed to provide all accurate necessary information, such as firm name, person in charge, address, mobile number, postal address, E-mail and all other information required to fill out Arab Index registration from.

3- You should be of full legal capacity to act and of more than 18 years of age.

4- Fraudulence, erroneous information, deliberate unwise usage of Arab Index's services, violation to the effective services conditions or violation to the privacy policy will immediately lead to the suspension or termination of your account with Arab Index with no indemnity thereof.
5- Following your registration process finalization at Arab Index, you will be solely responsible at all times of any erroneous expressions, inaccurate or fraudulent information posted by you and/ or via services or mottos that not under your propriety. Nonetheless, you shall acknowledge of updating immediately all information that you had provided previously to Arab Index.

6- Being a subscriber didn't allow you to browse your account or to demonstrate your firm information unless you settle the relevant subscription amount at the rate level you have chosen. Please see rates at the payment procedures page of your country.

7- Upon its discretion Arab Index reserves right to accept or reject your registration application at Arab Index site for what so ever reasons and/ or as per the effective service conditions stated herein: And that you agree on the above as to:

8- Maintain the confidentiality of the password and to be responsible of all executed operations through your account via your own password:

* Any executed operation through your account shall be binding to you.

* Inform Arab Index immediately about any unauthorized usage made via your account and/ or via your own password and that upon:

* The finalization of your activity you shall verify your signing out from your account. You shall be fully responsible for any loss or damage resulted thereof.

9- Arab Index provides services that allow all users and browsers to utilize displayed services at the site. Therefore, you agree that the source of contents of all or some texts, information, images, video, data, ads or software and other (contents) whether being posted by any state or private firms (individual or company or establishment) to Arab Index that advertised specially or generally at Arab Index site, the responsibility thereof shall be burdened by these sources what so ever they are being an individual, a state or private firm.

10- Arab Index shall not be held responsible of any inaccurate, unauthentic or incomplete information or contents that provided by any state or private firms.

11- Being Arab index user interested in its continuity at an international standard level of (web sites), you could therefore inform Arab Index about any infringe to the third parties with regard to the web service or any violation to the service conditions or the privacy policy.

12- That you will be complied with all national and international effective laws and regulations, which include those relevant to information posting, whereas you should verify that your own content, E-mail, the posted content and so on didn't contain any dirty, obscene, misleading, offensive, fraudulent or illegal printings, therefore, you shall be held responsible of any contents of posted or entered e- mails form your side or via your account at Arab Index site.

13- That you agree to indemnify and be held liable of any loss in lieu of Arab Index with regard to any claim filed by third party against Arab Index based on or resulted from your declared or displayed content or as a result of your breach of third party patent rights via Arab Index site. You shall indemnify and grant in lieu of Arab Index, the damages, responsibilities, compensations, loss, costs, charges, expenses, fees, claims or legal cases resulted of what ever causes from a direct or indirect relation with regard to your usage or connection to the services and / or as a result of your non- compliance with the effective service conditions.

14- That you will never impersonated the character of other persons or that you never identify yourself with a false mood when using the Arab Index's services as well as you didn't use an account of other users of Arab Index's services.

15- That you will never disturb or intervene in any way with the service transmission or you never simultaneously intervene with users or with servers that connected with the services or with relevant connected networks. All aggressive operations that cause mistrust or affect Arab index's operations are prohibited, whereas you will be legally prosecuted in accordance with the exercised laws. Such acts include intended manipulation, which means using or advertising counterfeit or erroneous information with the intention to hide the source of any content or the accuracy of this content in any field.

16- It should be understood that, the appearance of businessmen or professionals of any specialization, which include ads at Arab Index or a round the clock services didn't grant the credibility or seriousness or assurance of these professionals or businesses.

17- That you agree that Arab Index shall not be held responsible of monetary transferences that not deposited in, in its account numbers that specified in the subscription form. Whereas you are not entitled to claim the recovery of any monetary amounts that you may have paid in order to obtain the Arab Index's services.

18- you shall be held responsible reciprocally with third parties with immediate effect of any deals, transactions and/ or any advantageous transactions that you made through Arab Index shall, whereas in any way Arab Index shall not be held responsible of any loss, damage, cost, expenses or claims that resulted for whatever cause from these deals and transactions that you incurred as a consequent of your using to the service or your dealing with other users through the service.

19- Unless provided herein, you acknowledge and agree that, services and contents provided by Arab Index will be accepted by you as they are without any explicit or implicit guarantees, which they included and not excluded to; any guarantee concerning promotions, conformity with specific purpose and non transgressions, whereas all of them aren't guaranteed and excluded by Arab index. On particular, Arab Index is not warrant that its services would be mistakes compatible with any of your needs or requirements, whereas Arab Index is not acknowledge that the service will be accurate and free of errors or disruptions or will be safe or punctual or the content will be precise or "Summary" software would be free of or that, these mistakes would be corrected, or the downloading of the information from the service to your computer would be safer. Whereas you agree that you will be responsible of any harm caused to your computer as a result of this downloading.

20- On its own discretion Arab Index reserves the right to periodically change, modify or delete any condition of the effective service conditions. These modifications or changes shall be immediately effected. Therefore, Arab Index is hereby advised its user to refer to and frequently review Arab Index's services conditions to update their relevant information. You may be also subject to other service condition when you browse or use services that affiliated to Arab Index, and that you agree to comply with conditions of these additional services.

21- These effective services conditions constitute a comprehensive agreement thereof between you and Arab Index in and supersede all pervious agreements.
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